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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Our mission is to make self-help tools such as legal forms, resources and attorneys available to the public.

Yes. Once you add a form to the shopping cart, you are automatically redirected through a secure and encrypted connection.

If we charged for usage of our website we would have a money back guarantee regarding any monies provided to WhoNeedsLegal. However, we currently do not charge for such usage. Any payments to an attorney must be retrieved directly from the attorney by the member.

No. You can only utilize the available services through our website. If we, hypothetically were to charge for our services, we would accept payment using any major credit or debit card. We would also accept payment through Paypal. Currently, however, we do not charge for usage of the website.

The posted fee charged by an attorney to answer a question is included in the initial biographical information provided for an attorney. A member should check the attorney’s fee and factor that into their decision making for choosing an attorney.

The attorney’s preferred method of payment will also be included in the initial biographical information provided for an attorney. The attorney, if he or she decides to accept your question, is responsible for arranging payment with you in regards to answering your question.

It merely means that an attorney has notified WhoNeedsLegal that he or she has provided assistance to you for internal recordkeeping purposes. WhoNeedsLegal does not approve or disapprove of orders completed by attorneys.

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Video Questions

If you are experiencing problems viewing flash animation please check that you have the most recent flash player for your browser at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. You should also clear your browser's cache and refresh your screen. Find helpful information at http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache. You can also try and review this site from a non-wireless computer.

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Document Questions

If your adobe pdf. document created at the end of the document interview is showing a blank screen you need to upload the latest version of adobe acrobat reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and then go to your account and download your created document.

You can search for forms by browsing the different categories and descriptions. New forms are added often!

For legal reasons, we are unable recommend a specific form to you. However, we try to make your decision as easy as possible by offering detailed descriptions of our forms.

After you complete a brief interview, you will be taken to a download page that will contain links where you can immediately access the form. You can also download the form an additional 2 times by logging into your account and accessing the form.

Currently, all of our forms are delivered electronically via our website and member account.

Immediately. As soon as you complete the brief interview, you will be able to download your form upon completion of the document interview.

Check your account. In the event the adobe pdf. download is not available upon completing the document interview, a download of the document should be available in your account. Make sure you have the most current version of abode acrobat prior to attempting to download. You should be able to click on the link to download the form you ordered. If you are still unable to download your form, please contact customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

Check your account. A download link was also sent to your account for download an additional 2 times. You can click on the link to download the form you ordered. If you are still unable to download your form, please contact customer service and we will be happy to assist you.

If you can't open our adobe pdf. document, please check what version of adobe acrobat reader you have on your computer. We recommend upgrading it to the latest version at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Please check to make sure your printer is working properly and all of the computer/printer connections are secure.

Please contact customer service and a customer support agent will be more than happy to assist you. You can also complete the interview for the correct form.

The forms are available in adobe acrobat format (.pdf). Some of our forms are also available in Rich Text (.rtf) format.

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Legal Advice Database Questions

No. Non-lawyers using our self-help services are seeking legal advice for questions they may have at an affordable price. Of course, incidental to providing a competent legal answer is the conducting of legal research. A client of course has the right to know the rules, regulations and caselaw that may be applicable to them in the rendering of a legal opinion, but they are first and foremost requesting legal advice.

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Attorney Questions

That’s up to the individual attorney and the ethics rules of your applicable bar association. We do not interfere with the professional and independent judgment of an attorney. However, attorneys may be required to provide competent representation to a person which may require a conflicts check, legal research, review of documents or evidence and consideration of the issues raised. The attorney may also want to disclose to any person they are assisting the extent of the advice being offered and the extent of the attorney-client relationship created. For example, the attorney may want to inform a person: (1) whether the attorney will restrict his or her representation to advice of general applicability or whether the advice will be sufficiently tailored to the specific facts at hand to constitute complete legal advice; and (2) whether the representation is limited to answering the user’s legal question or also encompasses other steps (such as review or preparation of legal documents or involvement in litigation).

We believe it’s the duty of every attorney to make their services available to those who need them. By making your services accessible and affordable an attorney thereby makes their services available to those who need them.

No. Each attorney is responsible for billing and collecting his or her posted fee from members.

No. We do not accept nor receive any compensation from attorneys. In addition, we do not refer, match, screen, choose, select, analyze or recommend any attorneys or issues. See below.

No. Any attorney that: (i) is in good standing in a state bar; (ii) has no pending disciplinary actions or malpractice lawsuits; (iii) has no plans of imminent retirement; and (iv) satisfies their CLE requirements, is able to make their services available to the public. Such attorneys decide the areas of law they would like to make their services available in. From there, members of the public rank and choose the attorneys they would like to assist them, without any input, analyzing or assistance from us regarding such attorneys and any member issue.

Attorneys get paid by posting their fee and directly billing and collecting from the member their posted fee.

The sky is the limit. For instance, an attorney may offer to answer questions for free to obtain experience in an area of law or they may post a flat or low fee of any amount. For example, one attorney may offer to answer a question for $20.00, a different attorney may answer questions for $50.00 and yet another may answer questions for $100.00. The attorney however should make sure that their posted fee is competitive compared to other attorneys to maximize their chances of being chosen by a member.

Attorneys are free to suggest whatever methods of payments that they prefer. For example, they can request payment by check, PayPal, credit card, electronic check and so forth.

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