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We Help Those Who Need More Than Legal Information Find Answers To Their Legal Questions….


WhoNeedsLegal.com - Created to Help You With Legal Issues

WhoNeedsLegal was created to help you find answers to your legal questions.

WhoNeedsLegal has utilized its resources to help you find attorneys who will research the law and provide legal advice to you regarding your legal questions.

how_it_worksTo provide the legal advice you need, the attorneys in our network provide the rates in which he or she charges to help you make an educated decision regarding the attorneys you would like to assist you in answering your legal questions.

Attorneys also benefit by being part or our network because it is a way for many attorneys to gain additional legal experience, income and at the same time, give back to the community by making their legal services not only accessible, but affordable.

advice_utilizeUtilize our resources to see if the law operates on your side to achieve your desired outcome and if not, to identify steps to minimize your potential legal exposure.


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WhoNeedsLegal does not charge a fee for using its services, nor does it collect any fees on behalf of an attorney. We hope that by using our virtual system, many attorneys are able to save on expensive overhead costs, which are savings that are passed on to the public. 

Convenience and Ease of Use: 

From the comfort of your computer, all you have to do is utilize the easy-to-use tools available to find your answers.

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Users can use our system to establish accounts, communicate with selected attorneys, and keep track of account history.


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