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About Us


WhoNeedsLegal.com was created for the sole purpose of making self-help tools available to members of the public at an affordable price. The founder of WhoNeedsLegal came up with the ideal of WhoNeedsLegal while working in private practice. Even though his hourly rate was fairly reasonable, he saw that many individuals, small and family owned businesses struggled to pay his fee when he had to put a significant amount of time into a legal matter. In essence, they needed legal assistance, but often couldn’t afford to pay an attorney what he or she was truly worth. Fast forward to today and with our self-help tools, such members of the public can create documents, find attorneys, and obtain legal advice and assistance at an affordable price.

WhoNeedsLegal.com also encountered attorneys within the legal community who wanted to give back by making their services available and affordable in their areas of expertise. Our website helps such attorneys to achieve that goal.

In addition, WhoNeedsLegal.com saw that many attorneys were either practicing outside of their desired fields or wanted to obtain experience in different areas of law. Some worked in private practice, some for the government, and others in different occupations; however, each wanted flexibility and experience outside of their current positions. Our website allows such attorneys to gain practical experience in their desired areas of law to better position themselves for the future, if they so desire.

Even though WhoNeedsLegal.com was created for the members of the public who need affordable legal assistance, we are happy that our attorney colleagues can benefit from the website as well.